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Ole Smoky Moonshine
C’mon Live A Little

When creating the first global campaign for Ole Smoky Moonshine we had to get to the root of the moonshine problem. Straight up, most of the world doesn’t understand moonshine. We don’t know how strong it is, how we should drink it or if it’s actually legal or not. (It is). It was up to Standard Time to help Ole Smoky to shed their hillbilly roots and build a cultural conversation around a simple dare and brand positioning: C’mon Live A Little. Along with Gatlin T. Wolf, the instigator of good times, we created a year’s worth of content for the brand that lit up their global awareness.

The C’mon Live A Little Manifesto

Despite being around since the good ole’ days, Moonshine has only been legal since 2010. Most people think it’s strong, intense and will get you rather messed up. Rather than lean away from that, we leaned in with a manifesto video that expanded the risk and reward of the product into a contagiously wild lifestyle.
Content Produced in-house at Standard Time in Los Angeles, CA

Starring Gatlin T. Wolf

Fighting routine and winning every time, these videos feature Gatlin and a cast of characters discovering that moonshine makes any drinking occasion get a little fuzzy.
Content Produced in-house at Standard Time in Los Angeles, CA

Don’t drink that.
Drink Moonshine.

Sometimes it’s fun to pick a fight, even if you can’t win. We wanted Ole Smoky Moonshine to be the small but loud & proud brand at the liquor store, the Kevin Hart of BevMo. With this in mind we created ads that took the fight to the biggest liquor categories.


Over 25 million Facebook Impressions

Best-in-class Youtube video with over 5 million views

A Wolf for All Seasons

We lit up fall and winter with a content campaign featuring Gatlin starting with a football-themed psych-up. Then, we tore up the naughty list and celebrated the holidays with Gatlin and the rest of the Ole Smoky family.

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